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Vegan & Cruelty Free

Unlike some other smoothing brands Malina is committed to only using plant based ingredients. We replace animal-sourced Keratin with plant-based equivalents that work the same way within the hair but ensure our products are Vegan.


We also infuse all our products with Tourmaline. Tourmaline is a rare gemstone and adds mineral properties to our treatments. The Negative Ions in Tourmaline counteract to eliminate the Positive Ions found in damaged and dry hair.

Malina offers two professional Smoothing products


Provides up to three levels of curl reduction, and up to five months of smoothing results.

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offers taming and frizz reduction, hair repair and curl enhancing options for curly hair.

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Try Malina at your salon

Through the use of breakthrough Tourmaline technology paired with plant based proteins and vitamins, the Malina products can improve the condition of the hair by eliminating frizz and smoothing the cuticle. Our beauty kits all include a bunch of free gifts to ensure you have the best Beauty Experience with Malina!

  • Malina Classic Mineral Shampoo (500ml)

    $30.00 The Malina Classic Mineral Shampoo is a 100% Vegan gentle daily sham…
  • Malina Ultra Mineral Boost (1kg)


    This product is only sold to salons and professional stylists

  • Malina One & Done Treatment (1L)


    This product is only sold to salons and professional stylists

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Explore Styling Tools

Enjoy the complete Malina experience with our exclusive selection of accessories, specially crafted to complement our tools and treatment products.

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Vegan Hair Care

After your in-salon smoothing service, ensure that you use our amazing line of home care products to maximize your treatment results, keep away the frizz, and help your hair retain incredible softness and shine! These products also provide de frizzing benefits if you have not yet had one of our amazing services in your salon, offering instant results with one wash!

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