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In this Experience Kit you will get:

1 x Quickie BTTX System

1 x Classic Mineral Shampoo

1 x Classic Mineral Conditioner

1 x Classic Mineral Mask

FREE! 1 x Elite Titanium Hair Straightener – 100% Titanium

FREE! 1 x Professional Comb

FREE! 1 x Silicone Heat Mat


A must have Ultimate Beauty Experience for frizzy hair!

Your search for the perfect flat iron is over! This kit comes with a FREE Elite Titanium Hair Straightener! Its 100% pure titanium plates produces optimum negative ion emission, eliminating static and frizz while Far Infrared technology seals the hair follicle from the inside out, locking in moisture and smoothing the cuticle, making it silky, shiny and frizz-resistant (anti-humectant) for lasting beauty, even in humid or damp conditions

The incredible Quickie BTTX System is the deepest hair reconstructive treatment you can get outside of a salon. Packed with a robust blend of fruit, nut and seed oils, plus tourmaline powder, this phenomenal product delves deep into the shaft, providing intense repair and rejuvenating from the cortex out. A potent infusion of vitamins, proteins and moisture restores health and youthful radiance, transforming even the most stressed strands into glossy, dazzling hair. Used in conjunction with an in-salon One & Done Smoothing Service, the Quickie BTTX System can extend the life of the smoothing service by 60%!


How to Use:

Shampoo hair once with Classic Mineral Shampoo and rinse. Do not condition.

Use a hair dryer to finger dry the hair to remove excess water.

With hair slightly damp, apply BTTX System Quickie evenly all over, comb through and let product sit for 20 minutes, giving it time to penetrate the hair shaft.

Gently rinse, removing approximately 60% of the product and towel dry.

Next, use a paddle brush or round brush to blow dry your hair smooth.

Once hair is completely dry, flat iron your hair using the Malina Elite Hair Straightener with adjustable temperature dial.

Flat Iron should be set to a maximum temperature of 420°F for normal hair, and 375°F for Blonde or Chemically compromised hair.

The BTTX service can be repeated once every three weeks if desired.

To extend the life of the treatment use the Classic Mineral Shampoo and Classic Mineral Conditioner as your daily hair care routine, and use the Classic Mineral Mask weekly for additional benefits!

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