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One & Done Treatment

Our product is specially formulated to care for all hair types, and our protocols allow flexible customized results based on your clients specific needs.
Between the two Malina professional products we offer customizable solutions for achieving dream hair! We cater for every hair type and all your different smoothing needs and even more options with flexible techniques. Follow our instructions chart to learn how to adjust your processing time, rinsing or flat ironing to customize the treatment based on your desired outcome. You can use different techniques to make curls bouncier, maintain volume, or reduce volume.

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Give your Guests the most amazing, manageable hair, using the One & Done Vegan Tourmaline Smoothing System. It is a customizable smoothing system that gives you the options of catering for all hair types and needs with one bottle! Offer frizz free hair, when you want to create results that include straightening straight, or adjust the protocols to maintain volume, or de-frizz without the client loosing their curls!

Did you know that Keratin in most smoothing systems is derived from animal products or animal by-products? Our promise to you: Malina uses only Plant Based Proteins, Vitamins and Amino Acids in all our products. Malina products do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.

One Step In Salon
Professional Treatment

Vegan formula - no animal proteins

100% safe and
formaldehyde free

Tourmaline technology

Same Day Wash and Color

Helps eliminate frizz

Protects from humidity

Reduces natural curls up to 3 levels

Provides healthy shine

Protects damaged hair

Reduces daily styling time

Lasts up to 5 months

You will need

70ml of One & Done Mineral Treatment

Bowl & Brush

Brush Malina Professional Hair Straightener

Malina Professional Comb

Malina Round Brush

Treatment Steps

Apply the product on a clean dry hair. Apply treatment beginning ¼ inch from the scalp through to the ends evenly, combing through to ensure an even application.

Process for 40 minutes at room temperature (*Process for 20 - 30 minutes for Blonde & Compromised Hair)

Rinse 70% of the product from the hair (Rinse 100% for *Blonde & Compromised Hair)

Blow-dry using a Malina round brush and/or Paddle Brush. The hair must be 100% dry before flat ironing.

Normal Hair 400°F – 420°F
Blonde & Compromised Hair 350°F – 375°F

Flat Iron the hair by separating it into 1/8” sections. Select the correct flat iron temperature using the chart as a guide. Make 6-8 passes on each section for more volume and less curl reduction. Make 10-12 passes on each section for straighter results.

The One & Done treatment can be washed immediately if desired.
Color should be applied after a One & Done Service. After completing the treatment, wash the hair once with the Malina Classic Mineral Shampoo, and then apply the Classic Mineral Mask for 10 minutes and rinse. Then proceed with your color service as required.
The regular use of Malina products at home will help to extend the longevity of the treatment.

Questions? Check Out Our FAQ's

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The regular use of Malina products at home will help to extend
the longevity of the treatment.

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