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Malina is proud to be a 100% vegan brand! That feature has become common in beauty products recently, but what exactly does “Vegan” mean? It means that there are no ingredients inside the product that are derived (taken) from animals and also no ingredients that come from animal by products (things that animals make such as dairy products or beeswax).

We are also 100% cruelty free, which is sometimes misconstrued as being the same thing, but it is not! You can have a brand that contains animal products that doesn’t test on animals, making it cruelty free but not vegan. Equally, you can have a brand that doesn’t contain animal products, making it vegan, but some of its ingredients or the formula are tested on animals. Malina is proud to be both vegan and cruelty free!

Many animal sourced ingredient are commonly found in cosmetics but to discover what makes Malina different, let’s talk Smoothing… the core categoryof our line! Malina is first a foremost a professional smoothing brand. 

Our One & Done Treatment, and our Ultra Mineral Boost Treatment are poised to take over in-salon Keratin treatments and services, and replace them with fume-free, vegan, reparative products that perform the same as, if not better then, our competitors! 

So what animal product is in a Keratin Treatment, you ask? Well, Keratin of course! Did you know that Keratin is derived from animals? There are a few common places that Keratin is hydrolyzed from, one is bones, feathers or nails, but the most common is from the Sebaceous Glands of a sheep. In a simple way… Sheep’s Sweat and Oils. Ugh. Yuck, that sounds gross, and after learning that I no longer wanted animal sourced “Keratin” on my hair! 

Instead of Keratin, Malina uses a combination of plant-based amino acids, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants to repair the hair. Ingredients such as shea butter, argan & macadamia oil, avocado and mango, chia and coconut oil (to name only a few) moisturize, de-frizz and repair the hair. All Malina’s ingredients sound so good you could eat them! 

Our One & Done Treatment provides smoothing, de-frizzing and loosens curls, lasting up to 5 months! Our Ultra Mineral Boost service provides intense repair, curl enhancement and definition, and de-frizzing that lasts around 6 weeks! 

All our after care products, shampoo, conditioners and at-home treatments are also vegan and include a selection of hand picked plant sourced ingredients that care for and protect the hair, offering de-frizzing benefits, as well as help any in-salon treatments last longer. And of course!… they are 100% vegan too!

New to Malina? Check out our Classic Mineral Mask that instantly transforms your hair with only one use!

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