The beauty store shelves are full of variations of the same product! But how do we know what to choose? Today we are going to look at one of our must-have items, the humble flat iron, and learn about what makes one reign supremeover another!

I didn’t realize that the technology of flat irons had changed that much until I met the Malina Professional Elite Hair Straightener! It even has a fancy name!

Firstly, the most important parts; the plates. There are many products out there and the plates are made from various choices of metals and stones. How do we know which one to choose? It usually comes down to two main choices, Ceramic or Titanium plates.

Traditionally ceramic has been thought to be better on finer hair, and titanium on thicker hair, but I have learned that this is not as simple. As long as you have a flat iron that has a temperature adjust, then Titanium is the best choice.

Titanium plates heat up evenly and heat up quickly. Even heat means that there are no spots on the iron that are cooler than another area, but there are also not hot spots either! When we are styling our hair perfectly smooth, healthy and also to last a long time, Even-Heating plates is the number one thing we never knew to look for when choosing a straightening iron!

Why “Even Heat”?

– cold spots will mean your style lasts less time

– hot spots can cause damage and breakage

– even heat will also help preserve your style! I know I don’t want to spend all that time straightening or curling it only for it to not last all night!

This special technology means that your finished style with a Malina straightener is actually rain and humidity resistant! In summer on a high humidity day that can wreak havoc on keeping hair styles locked in place, but the right straightener can help combat the frizz and keep your hair smooth and sleek all day!

Because of the adjustable temperature option on the flat iron (and the even heat of course!) this is a perfect choice for blonde and highlighted hair! Blonde hair , Grey hair and damaged hair should always use a lower heat to style with, to help protect their hair.

We asked their Artistic Director Woody Michleb from Palm Beach, Florida for the inside scoop on keeping your hair healthy when flat ironing it! “The biggest mistake people make is not choosing their iron correctly, and then not using it properly! I always recommend the Malina Elite Straightener for Guests with Blonde hair as it can adjust down to 140 degrees which is amazing if someone has damaged hair and they need to be gentle! I always tell my guests to stay below 375 degrees for blonde hair and, if you need to, to make more passes on each section to get the result, rather than less passes on a higher heat!”

“A lot of women have multiple colors in their hair, and many styles on trend right now are darker on the root area, and blonder towards the ends, so another great tip is to start with a hotter temperature for the root area and then turn it down and let the iron cool down for a moment, and go back and do the ends. This will help your style stay in place longer and also protect your hair!”

But what about those girls with thick, unruly curly hair?The Malina flat iron is adjustable up to 455 degrees and works perfect for rebellious hair!

The other small features also make this iron extra special, as a straightener is a very important investment for us, so it’s important to choose right! The 6 ½ ft swivel cord stops you getting all tangled and struggling to take style all around your head! The swivel also is so important when you are doing curls or waves with the flat iron, it allows you to twist it around without the cord getting tangled up!

It is also dual voltage so can be used when traveling without risking burning it with 220volts if you are visiting Europe or other countries!

Our final advice? Do not cheap-out when choosing a straightener, make sure that the quality is going to help your hair stay healthy and shiny no mater how much you style it, as your hair takes a long time to grow out when it is damaged!

So whether you have blonde hair, dark hair, colored hair or had any other chemical treatments, the Malina Professional Straighteners are definitely a must have addition to your styling kit for long lasting healthy hair!